Website Options

The College of Sciences provides WordPress sites free of charge for faculty, labs, and research groups within the College.

Industry standard and research focused themes and plugins are pre-selected and loaded in the system.  Suggestions for new plugins can be submitted to  If the suggested plugin provides new, valuable functionality for the College community and the plugin does not threaten the security and stability of the WordPress service, it will be seriously considered for implementation within the WordPress service.

Using the College’s WordPress system is not required.  Additional campus-based solutions are available.  Some of the campus-based solutions are free while others require a monthly or yearly payment.  A selection of popular campus-based solutions is below.  A more comprehensive guide is available at

Some faculty members, labs, and research groups choose to use an off-campus, third-party hosting provider.  There are no restrictions against doing this; however, domain names are not available with third-part hosting.