The College of Sciences offers a hosted WordPress solution for its faculty, labs, and research groups.  The College’s hosting option complements other hosting options on campus.

The College’s WordPress system includes a variety of industry-standard and University-branded themes.  A selection of plugins is also provided to allow for additional customization and presentation of scientific data.

WordPress is immensely popular because it is easy to use.  It is so popular that over 20% of the internet consists of WordPress-powered sites.  The widespread use of WordPress on the internet (and at NC State) means that many training and help resources are available online.

The College of Sciences manages its own WordPress hosting platform.  This frees faculty, labs, and research groups from managing web servers, installing software updates, and finding fixes to software bugs.  The College provides the platform, but faculty and other users of the service are responsible for managing their own site.  This includes initial site creation, layout using provided themes, and day-to-day content maintenance.